Tandem Bicycles Hubs

Tandem Bicycles Hubs utilizes to support heavy loads. They consist of extra thick axle for those riders who acquire extra stiffness, great holding power, high pressure tires and can withstand high pressure. These hubs are configured to utilize higher spoke count and can be availed in front and rear tires. Tandem Bicycles Hubs protects gear from dirt, water, and is installed with stainless steel to assure excellent rust resistance. They are useful in maintaining optimum amount of stress during wheeling and ensures high durability and accurate precision.

297.4g Tandem Bicycles Hubs

297.4g Tandem Bicycles Hubs utilizes an extra thick axle in order to support heavy loads. They have the capability to withstand doubled torque that has been created by tandem. These hubs are designed to be attached to high pressure tires that use higher spoke count. The left side of the 297.4g Tandem Bicycles Hubs is screwed with drum of the brake which is controlled by a friction shift lever. They are widely utilized in downhill mountain bikes due to their great precision and high durability.


  • Aluminum cast body for high corrosion resistance

  • Lightweight but sturdy

  • Has symmetric dishless design

MTR10-145: 297.4 g

  • Bearings: 4 ( 6902*3+6802*1 )
  • Gauge: 14
  • Holes: 36 - 40H
  • Axle: M10(QR) x 145mm
  • P.C.D: 58
  • Cassette: Aluminum ( 7075 ) or Steel
  • Pawls: 6

Free Hub Body Compatible for

  • Shimano 10 / 11s
  • SRAM XX1

160.6 G Tandem Bicycles Hubs

160.6 G Tandem Bicycles Hubs use ring drive engagement mechanism to allow quicker drive forces as compared to freehub. They are completely suitable for those riders who require extra stiffness, high pressure tires, and great holding power on the axle. These hubs consist of a tubular body having a set of bearings at each end. 160.6 G Tandem Bicycles Hubs also comprised of flanges on either side, drilled with holes for the spokes. They are the central point of the wheel structure and can be availed in front & rear tires.


  • Protects gear from water, dirt, & impact

  • Equipped with stainless steel drive wheel to assure high rust resistance

  • Helps in maintaining optimum amount of tension while wheeling

TKF10-QR : 160.6 g

  • Bearings: 2 ( 6000*2 )
  • Gauge: 14
  • Holes: 36 - 40H
  • Axle: M9 x 100mm
  • P.C.D: 61.4

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