Single source destination for Bicycle Parts like BMX Bike Hubs, MTB Hubs, Fat Bike Hubs, Rims, Freehub Body and Hubs..


Single source destination for Bicycle Parts like BMX Bike Hubs, MTB Hubs, Fat Bike Hubs, Rims, Freehub Body and Hubs..

About Us

Bitex Industrial Co. Ltd. is over a nine decades old company, still continuing to make history in engineering bicycle parts. The Taichung, Taichung Shih (Taiwan) based company with four production set-ups is run by diligent professionals, highly motivated and dedicated to serve customers with the best of parts. These personnel push their limits of what they are capable of to provide value to customers. As a Manufacturer & Exporter, the company offers extremely high quality Freehub Body, Bicycle Hubs, Road Bicycle Hubs, BMX Bike Hubs, MTB Hubs, Fat Bike Hubs and Rims, through careful quality control. Every part offered by us undergoes a stringent inspection, measurement and adjustment process, in order to make it appropriate for meeting the exacting standards set by us. This helps us guarantee the reliability and performance of the parts made by us.

Just like cycling presents a new probability and opportunity at every curve, there is a new challenge and opportunity to grow for engineering business also. With this belief, we remain ready to take advantage of all opportunities that come in our way, face the challenges together and find solutions.

Why Bitex Industrial Co. Ltd.?
  • Customer Satisfaction- We are focused on serving our customers and providing excellent customer experience.
  • Set Benchmarks- Our over ninety years old company has set many benchmarks of excellence in engineering bicycle parts.
  • Honesty and Open Communication- Our commitments and values are everything to us. We take the responsibility and accountability at times when we fall short of customer's expectations.
  • Team Work- Every employee works with the dedication and commitment to grow individually and bring company along with them.
Customers Get The Parts That Best Fit Bicycles

At the core of every successful bicycle parts build is the in-depth knowledge of every part and understanding of customer's application requirements. Our team members get in touch with the customers prior to the beginning fabrication work. This way they get the components of right weight, style, dimension and finish.

Our Culture

We have created an excellent work environment with proactive and trained people. They perform every task with a passion and zeal. Our team members work together and have extreme pride in the workmanship. Consistent quality Rims, Bicycle Hubs and Freehub Body is the result of production process standardization. 
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