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Freewheel Cog

Being one of the reputable firms in the industry, we are involved in providing an excellent assortment of Freewheel Cog. These are offered in various options, some of them being 232g, 271g, 272g, and 273g. Track Hubs / Cog 232g are one of our popular Freewheel COG and these find use in the middle part of bicycle wheel. These comprises an axle which is used for connecting the fork end, shell onto which the spokes got attach and bearings that allow revolving of shell around axle. Common uses of our COG are in single speed bicycles, since they are very responsiveness and cost effective.
Product Image (TKF10)

Freewheel Cog 232g

Track Hubs / Cog 232g have an asymmetrical flanged structure to assure the same amount of tension on both the drive sides. Due to their great responsiveness & adaptability, they can also be utilized as a fixed gear in single speed bicycles. These hubs are known to provide immediate acceleration to the wheel and prevent any torsional deflection. They are comprised of fork end which is attached to an axle, spokes connected shell, and bearings for revolution.

Product Image (Type A)

Freewheel Cog 271g


  • No : B100701
    • 16T / t=3.0
    • Material : SPHC-PO
    • Weight : 56g
  • No : B100703
    • 17T / t=2.8
    • Material : SPHC-PO
    • Weight : 60g
  • No : B100705
    • 18T / t=2.8
    • Material : SPHC-PO
    • Weight : 70g

Product Image (TKR10 -D ( Fixed - Fixed ) )
Product Image (TKR10)

Freewheel Cog 273g

273g Track Hubs-Cog are required for freely rotating cycle tyres on two bearing sets with the aid of attached axle. They are greatly admired for handling high amount of static and dynamic load generated while riding by the road. These hubs also have the capability to bear spoke’s tension for assuring their wobble free wheel revolution. They connect rim through the spokes and have reduced ratchet mechanism.


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